How To Do More With Less

Often times, we'll look at our situations and say "if I just had this, I could do that; if I just had more money more people, then I could do this. Many times God looks back at us and says, If you would just use what you have, I'll bless you with this and that. I had the opportunity to hear Dr. D.Z. Cofield, Pastor of Good Hope M.B.C in Houston, TX speak and he gave some awesome advice on how to do more with less. He stated that we must Trust God when what he says does not make sense with how we feel. God will tell you who you are, but we as humans don't believe it because we can't see past our situations. He used Judges 6:14-15 as an example, where the Lord told Gideon to go and deliver the people of Isreal from the hands of the Midians. However, Gideon asked the Lord, how could he do such a thing when his family was the weakest in the city, and he was the youngest in his family. God wants to use you with what you have right now. Don't worry about what you don't have. When you begin to use what you do have, he'll bless you with more. Work with what you got!


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