10 Reasons why you should stay in tough situations

Tough situations are always extremely difficult while you are in them, but we all know they don’t last forever. Like the old saying, “Trouble doesn’t last always.” Here’s a list of reasons why you should stay in your tough situation.

1) You become stronger and more resilient to pain
2) You can help or testify to someone going through the same situation
3) You will be a living witness of how to survive
4) Tough situations build character
5) God sees somthing in you. God would never put more on you than you could bear; therefore, he feels you are tough enough to endure the pain.
6) You discover a power within yourself you never knew you had
7) Your self-esteem is built
8) You learn more about yourself
9) When you overcome tough situations you are always lifted to a higher level in life. Think about it in terms of wrestling.
My brother is a wrestler so I had to privilege of watching this first hand. Once a person is declared a winner on one level, they are then elevated to the next level. The person who makes it through all the levels is then declared as the champion.

Remember, you are a champion; God is taking you through your tough situation so he can elevate you.


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